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"In 'The Gleaming' JK creates a world which is at once gritty and also magically real, and where a mechanistic cowboy and a steam punk heroine's humanity is drawn with a deft and delicate hand."


"John Kennedy’s “Looking for Lusca” is about good old dumb, down-to-earth Paul Dibny, and his miraculous discovery beneath the sea. There are some sci-fi, out-of-body experiences, some strange and sensual fantasy love-making with an insect-like plant turned luscious Bahamian dive instructor, and other bait-and-switch carryings-on for your wicked entertainment. And John Kennedy writes great action sequences."

The Bringers...

"On this day something wondrous was happening. Something the human beings had been practicing for, for many years, mostly on celluloid and later in digital formats. So that when they looked up, mouths that should have been agape spent a few seconds smirking in recognition. Such a tired trope it was.

            The tired trope rolled across the sky and sat over 432 Park Avenue for a while. Then it hummed over to the One World Trade Centre. Not hovering, but coming to rest on top of it, uncomfortably, like a molusc on a pin.

            Then its legs unfolded. There we go."

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